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Waste Pro USA and its subsidiaries are proud of the competitive Benefits that we are able to offer all of our employees.  We have taken a comprehensive approach to not only focus on the physical well being by offering Health, Dental and Vision insurance, vacation & sick time pay, but the day to day psychological well being.

Waste Pro offers an Employee Assistance Program that is available 24/7/365 free of charge to all employees and their families.  The program allows employee's to receive unlimited phone counseling for everything from work related matters to relationships.  Through this partnership employee's can seek assistance for Legal counseling, Financial counseling, Substance Abuse counseling and many other added features.

In 2007 Waste Pro USA added for all fulltime employees company paid Life and AD&D insurance.  Again there is no out of pocket expense for our employees for this.  Salaried employees also receive company paid STD and LTD.  We also offer supplemental coverage for dependents as well.

One other nice benefit available is the Flexible Spending Account.  Employee's who have known medical, dental or vision needs through out the year are encouraged to use their money wisely and pay for those needs with money set aside into an FSA and save their tax dollars.

In 2006 we began our 401K Retirement Plan and have continued to provide the plan for all eligible employees.  We believe in planning for our future and through a series of training techniques and on site meetings, try to encourage each employee to plan for the unexpected.

So what makes Waste Pro USA benefits the Distinguishable Difference from any one else?  There are two programs that CEO, John Jennings established from the beginning.  One is an annual safety/discretionary bonus of $250 for each year of service.  What this means is if an employee has had no work comp claims, no accidents, no employee caused property damage or break downs, good attendance and great attitude – they will receive this bonus paid out on the first check in December of each year.  The second is for CDL drivers only – it is a $10,000 bonus for the same criteria above that is maintained for three (3) consecutive years.  This is something that actually happens!

In 2008 we rolled out our New Hire Orientation program.  This allows all employees the opportunity to review the Employee Handbook in detail, be trained on all Safety related items, and be given extensive hands on training.  Our supervisors receive on going training related to Safety in the Workplace, EEOC, and other industry related topics.

Safety meetings at every facility are mandatory and held on a regular basis to insure each driver and helper receives the training and knowledge to perform their jobs as expected by the management of Waste Pro.

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